Matcha KiK Energy Chews - for Energy, Mental Focus, Endurance and Antioxidants. Healthy, Non-GMO Sport Chews with Premium Japanese Matcha Powder, D-Ribose and Green Tea Caffeine. 30 Servings.

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  • MORE THAN JUST AN ENERGY CHEW - Matcha KiK Performance Chews do more than increase energy levels. We’ve combined our premium Barista’s Japanese matcha green tea with two key ingredients (60 mg green tea caffeine and d-ribose) to enhance matcha tea's natural benefits of energy, mental focus, endurance, and antioxidants, all in a single, easy-to-use soft chew. Chew 1 Matcha KiK before or during physically and/or mentally demanding activities, perfect for sport performance and the workplace.
  • SUSTAINED ENERGY WITHOUT FEELING WIRED OR JITTERY - Matcha tea's antioxidants and caffeine bind to one another and are absorbed together providing a steady source of energy over time without the sudden spike or jittery feelings often associated with products containing caffeine.
  • SUPERIOR MENTAL EDGE – Proven synergistic effect between matcha green tea's caffeine and its l-theanine amino acid that enhances cognitive performance, naturally. Simple sugars and carbs only take you so far, it’s your mental game that makes you rise above the rest of the pack. That's where Matcha KiKs come in. High quality matcha is nature’s highest source of l-theanine and naturally contains caffeine.
  • FAST-ACTING / EASY TO DIGEST – Matcha KiKs dissolve quickly in your mouth with just a few chews. The fast-acting energy is supplied from premium grade Matcha green tea powder, green tea caffeine, and d-ribose, not from simple sugars that can be hard to digest. No Sugar Alcohols, artificial flavors, or colorings.
  • ONLY 1 CHEW PER SERVING – Unlike other sport energy chews that require 3-5 chews per serving and with 18 grams of sugar, Matcha KiKs have just 2 grams of sugar and you only need one at a time. Each energy chew is individually wrapped so there's no mess, no stickiness, and no prep required.

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