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  • THE ATHLETE'S MULTIVITAMIN - Just the right amounts of the right vitamins and minerals, designed specifically for men or women athletes and others who hit the gym hard and expect results.
  • OVER 25 KEY INGREDIENTS - Vita JYM packs important micronutrients like A, B-complex, C, E and K vitamins, and iron, and chromium  - all in adequate doses and in highly-absorbable forms.
  • QUALITY MATTERS - Vitamins A and K, in particular, are included in Vita JYM in their most effective forms - beta-carotene (A) and menaquinone (K2) - to deliver the best possible benefits.
  • MAXIMIZING ABSORPTION - Zinc, magnesium and calcium interfere with the uptake of other key micronutrients and amino acids in the body, so these minerals were intentionally left out of Vita JYM. The result is a net gain, not a loss.
  • MAXIMIZED RECOVERY - Supports recovery from sports, testosterone enhancement/ and maintenance, Muscle Growth, increased strength. Take 2 tablets daily with a meal. Vita JYM also includes BioPerine to enhance the absorption of all ingredients.

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